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Cosmetic facial using cosmeceutical skin products and devices to stimulate and improve the skin. Facials are customised to meet your needs and combines the best of both worlds in achieving results whilst feeling amazing. Facials may combine any of the elements below.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Masks, Peel, Serums, Ionic Massage and Photorejuvenation


Microdermabrasion uses a combination of cosmetic ingredients , vacuum suction and diamond tipped wand to remove dead skin whilst simultaneously stimulating collagen within the skin. Treatment can be performed monthly to treat skin concerns such as dullness, dry skin and acne.



Injectable muscle relaxer used to decrease movement and reduce the signs of ageing. Performed by RN only.


Dermal Fillers​

Injectable Hyaluronic acid used to plump, hydrate, fill, lift or correct for volume loss. Performed by RN only.


Skin needling

Microneedles applied to skin surface using a derma pen device to stimulate the skin and increase collagen production, tighten skin or smooth and even out pigment or scarring.


Eyelash Extensions

Individual or cluster lashes applied to your own natural lashes for a more glamorous fuller, longer and lasting look.

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